Sweet D’s BarBQ Sauce

In the early 80’s our mother, Dee Dee Gresham, would make her famous barbq sauce for the Gresham Family on special occasions.
Beginning in the late 80’s, our father, Steve Gresham, embarked on a new business venture in food concessions at outdoor festivals. Naturally, we started selling barbq with Dee Dee’s famous sauce alongside Miss Piggy’s barbq. The number of people asking where they could buy our sauce was overwhelming.
In order to keep up with the growing demand, we continued making our sauce on the family stove, but continued to use larger and larger pots and bottling it in mason jars. Our customers demand for the sauce became so high that we outgrew the family kitchen. As the demand for our sauce grew, our family then purchased a 50 gallon steam kettle.
Sadly, on August 10th, 1996, Dee Dee passed away. Our father Steve and brothers Bryan and Doug Gresham changed the name of the sauce from Miss Piggy’s to Sweet D’s in our honor of our beloved mother Dee Dee.
In 2001 Gresham Foods Inc. was born. Today, we continue to provide our mother’s recipe for our loyal customers. Now we would like to share our family’s beloved barbq sauce with your family.